The Virtual and the Virtuous. Shopping edition!

Oh, internet, how much I love thee! So full of things but so undemanding! Always open and at my disposal at a slight click-click…

Any day and any second, 24/7 I can load my little shopping carts on Amazon, on Mytheresa, on Stylebop and Hermes, on X and Y and Luxurytravel and Whatever. Even synchronously, I just open another tab! These booties will go well with that dress, and I’ll read those books when sitting in the sparkling lobby of that beautiful little albergo in Capri which I have booked in tab number six. Well, almost booked, that is.

Oh, the fun of adding item after – just press “continue shopping” – item to my baskets! Of racking up thousands! But not spending any money at all – seasoned shoppers know how easily one can even save money that way! Just by never ever going to checkout.

Pleasure without the guilt. Feeling fabulously jetset-y while wearing your oldest pyjamas and no make-up – it can be done! All day, every day. Splendid.

And if I happen to click my way all through to checkout once in a while – alas! I can always return it, can’t I? And sometimes I can even keep it. Because I haven’t done it all the time.

Thank you, internet. I love you.