Conclave – A User Story

We wonder: Do all the Cardinals really have to assemble in Rome on 28th to vote for one of them to be our next Pontifex?

The internet, the social networks in particular, were buzzing with news and posts about (“our”) Benedict XVI. and his resignation. Several Tweetdecks virtually exploded, we’ve been told.

Benedetto does have a Twitter account.
Most people who are on Twitter are also on Facebook, they have E-Mail, IM and Skype accounts.
If Benedict does have all that, we might assume that the other Cardinals have followed suit.


Why don’t the cardinals hold their Conclave via Skype video conference call? Or Google+ Hangout, for that matter?

Their user story – I as a cardinal want/need to vote in order to determine the next Pope.
To this end, I need something to vote with.
My hand, is raised and then counted in an assembly in a room in the Vatican – or my hand raised in front of my mobile / laptop / computer / iPad camera, which is counted by the Camerlengo in a Skype conference call. (A “vote or die” button might be too gamified for the purpose …)

Question: Is that 2.0 enough for a Church lacking appeal to digital natives?

Question: Where’s the white smoke supposed to come from?
For the time being: from our heads (when we just followed the Pope on Twitter, Twitter suggested: You might also like @Benjamin Netanjahu and @Bill Cosby).