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Oh, the beauty of it all!
For the past few days we’ve been meeting with tech people from several agencies to find the best one for our project.
Although all the talk about Python, PHP and stuff like that gives us a dizzy feeling most of the time we did extract useful information from those meetings.
One visitor who we liked straight away (cool company name, cool pen) told us how he recently met Angela Merkel at some tech oriented thing. He asked her if she – being a physics student in 1980’s GDR – had ever written code herself.
And indeed, she had! Who would have thought!
Someone in our government actually knows what the future will be made of.
Maybe we’ll call her in for a presentation some time.

Digits: Angela Merkel

Digits: Angela Merkel




13 people are credited for “creative” for “The Oreo Blackout Tweet”.

And they probably all got paid. 

I ♥ the internet.


You’ve got the need/

We’ve got the Tweet/

Let’s make lots of money!

— based on Pet Shop Boys, Opportunities (1986)


Yes, we where bitchin about google glass. and wie still think from the design point of view they are absolutly ugly.

But than we stumbled over this:

And we really liked the “OK Glass do this, do that. In the End, its all about communication to build up a relation. Now work on the design, u guys.