We’re Rebels With A Cause

Yesterday we had a brief look at Funnyordie’s “iSteve”.

As I stopped watching after a couple of minutes into it (a very brief look indeed) I can’t say whether that movie sucks, but if Wired say so, there might be some truth to it.

Anyway! I can say, it’s not funny. But! I liked this dialogue in the that garage.

“Steve Wozniak”: “We’ve already seen the future, on Star Trek. And now we’re sitting here and waiting for that Star Trek stuff to happen”

“Steve Jobs”: “Are you insane, Wozniak? (…)
We’re the ones who decide what the future looks like (…)
The future belongs to the rebels.”

Yes. Indeed. We decide.
And we’ll let you know when we have decided what we have decided the future looks like.
It’s somewhat binary, that decision. Doesn’t make it easier.

Gotta go now. We’ve got some serious rebelling to do.



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