Fictionalizing Innovation

Today is April 8th. Seven days ago it was April Fools’ Day. That’s when people come up with really funny stuff to fool others.
That remote control bra thing, for example.
When I told my colleague about it, we pondered if it wouldn’t be a very good and indeed usable idea – remote-controlling your cleavage, remote-controlling this and that and everything …

In a recent Girls episode there was much talk about an app called “Forbid” that basically prevents you from dialling “forbidden” telephone numbers (mostly ex-lovers’) and punished you financially if you chose to make that call no matter what.
The person I watched it with became very excited and googled this app that probably came straight from Lena Dunham’s overflowing mind.
No “Forbid” in the App store, but obviously our colleagues over at the Huffpost reacted the same way my co-watcher did: They would have loved to have had the idea themselves.

Okay, people would like to have thought of these things. Maybe they even want these apps.
Maybe they’re avantgarde?

Sci-fi author William Gibson fictionally invented a whole lot of things, some of which have indeed become parts of our daily lives.

So maybe one day soon we’ll have the remote control bra thing and the “Forbid” app. Who knows?
I like it when things tell me what to do or how to look.
Gotta go now. Got a text from my smart fridge. Must buy milk.

Last Monday it told me to buy seven bags of crushed ice.
I really hope it was because of April Fools’ Day.

NB: Can I have a “Life” app, please? Do you hear me, coders of the universe?


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